Freshwater Amateur Swim Club is hosting the Rockpool Relay, on Saturday Feb 10th from 4pm. It's a fun, informal competition for teams of 8 swimmers. Teams are handicapped, and the team closest to their submitted time will win prizes. 

It's a chance to race (a bit) but mostly chat, have a drink and a bite, soak up the location and meet other sporting folk in an iconic setting. 

We are encouraging our FASC members to form teams of 8 swimmers, or to form teams from their other sporting clubs (eg. soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, hockey, .....). Teams can be a mix of kids and adults. 

To enter all you need to do is send an email to with details of your team (ie. team name, x8 swimmers names, and the team time for 50m freestyle). The cost is $3 per swimmer ($24 per team).

Please contact Nick Bishop, President of the Freshwater Amateur Swim Club on 0438 003200 or the Secretary Iresha Lehane on if you have any queries.