FASC Official Notice - 2017 AGM + Election of Management Committee

WHEN: Tuesday 29th August, 2017 - 7:30pm @ FASC Clubhouse

Dear Members

All of our members are invited to attend the 2017 AGM, where the Management Committee for the 2017-18 season will be elected.

The positions of the Office Bearers and the General Committee will be declared vacant and open for nomination. 

The Management Committee positions are -

Office Bearers

* President

* Vice President

* Secretary

* Treasurer

* Race Secretary

General Committee

* up to 8 Committee Members 

Please feel free to attend the meeting just to get more information about your swim club.  And if you would like to join the committee please know that you will receive ongoing training and support in all roles.  As we are all busy these days you can even share a position with a friend.  

To register your interest please send an email to freshwaterswimclub@gmail.com.  If you would like to contribute but are not sure how, please don't hesitate to contact Aaron (President) on 0412 327 237.

We are looking forward to an enjoyable 2017-18 FASC season, which will commence at the beginning of October 2017. 

See you at the AGM!

Iresha Lehane | Secretary