WASA Carnival - Saturday, 26th November

WASA is hosting the 2nd carnival of their 2016/17 season - the "14 & Under Peninsula Challenge", at the Warringah Aquatic Centre. It has a 4:30pm warmup, for a 5PM start. 

This carnival is a fantastic opportunity for our kids to represent FASC, and race against other local swimming clubs. It is also great practice for school carnivals as the meet follows FINA rules. 

To enter your child in the carnival, please send an email to: freshwaterswimclub@gmail.com with the following details -
* swimmer's name
* age at date of meet
* sex
* races to enter (ref: Meet Entry Form on the WASA website, link below)
* times (if known)

They can enter as many races as they like. All entries must be received by Tuesday 15th November at 5pm.  Entry is a flat fee of $15/swimmer, payable at time of entry to:

Freshwater Amateur Swimming Club
 633 000
ACC: 117 741 892
(Please quote the swimmers name in the reference section).

* For the Meet Entry Form and further information on WASA, please refer to their website ->  http://www.warringahswimming.asn.au/

We look forward to a strong FASC turnout on the 26th November.