Championship racing ... commences 4th Feb 2017

Hi All, 

This Saturday (4/2) we commence Championship Races, and these will continue for the next 7 weeks.  These races are in addition to our normal, weekly races.

Championship races are age and gender based, and start times are not handicapped (ie. all swimmers are off "GO"). Swimmers earn points for each championship race that they swim, and for their position in the race. The swimmer with the most points will be awarded the Age Champion Award (Male & Female). 

The tally for Championship (Age Champion) Race points are separate to the tally for Weekly Race points. 

Races for Sat 4/4 are:-

* Championship Race- Backstroke (ie. not handicapped, raced by age & gender)

* Weekly Race - Freestyle (ie. our usual weekly races 15, 25, 50 & Masters)

* Championship Race - 200m Medley (IM) 

Registration for all of these races will be as per normal, so we'll see you at the Club House from 1pm - 1:15pm.